About Us


How we started the climb

Tocoa Robinson, Maria Proctor, and Tai Collier began crafting MonkeyBars Boutique in late 2019. By April of 2020 MonkeyBars was officially created and the hard work began.

Inspiration for MonkeyBars came from Robinson's daughter (and Colliers’ sister) Torie Robinson. Torie was born at 26 weeks and was a 1 lb micro preemie at birth, as a baby she would climb on everything giving her the nickname Monkey in which inspiration for the name came from.

Tocoa was always complimented on how adorable and well-dressed Torie was but little did people know it was and continues to be very difficult to find clothes that not only fit her body but her style.

So with Maria’s business expertise, success and motivation ; Tocoa’s amazing sense of fashion, and Tai’s love for children (and her sister)  MonkeyBars Boutique came to life. 


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer a wide variety of cute, fabulous and affordable clothing. Styling your little one can’t get any easier with clothing from our boutique. 

We spend a substantial amount of time looking for the best of the best because we want to provide nothing less.

Our promise to you:

We will always give 110% to ensure your experience with MonkeyBars is nothing less than excellence.